3 Essential Drinks To Celebrate The Classy Way

    Here at Lifestyle Asia, there is an extreme value placed in having a radiating, unceasing joie de vivre. From intimate moments to big successes, there is always an exuberance to be discovered and toasted about. That being said, it is no surprise that we are celebrating another pivotal event that has etched its way into our history: the release of the New Zealand brand Cloudy Bay.

    After a lifetime of waiting and built-up anticipation, Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir has made it to Manila. Launched last October 19 at Mireo, a handful of Manila’s finest gathered to welcome the brand.

    Now before we let our excitement get the best of us, allow us to enumerate all these little triumphs and pair them with the Cloudy Bay we deem fit—because really, what’s a little celebratory jig without a fine glass in hand?

    Opening your first business:


    Snaps for the entrepreneurs who turned their dreams into plans, their goals into reality. There will be ups and downs, but a glass of Cloudy Bay 2017 Sauvignon Blanc vintage will always greet you after a hard day’s work. Take a sip of this crisp, elegant, fruity masterpiece which has become familiar to most palates internationally. You deserve it.

    Marrying the love of your life:


    It is important to see love in all the little things—that being said, congratulations! You can now wake up next to it every morning. Have an intimate night-in with the most beautiful person in the world and share a glass of Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir: an intriguing, mysterious red that can instantly warm the soul.

    Having the family together for Christmas:


    Possibly the hardest thing about planning is knowing that it may never even happen, especially if it involves the people that matter most in your life. To be together during the season of love is surely something to toast to, therefore we believe a glass of Cloudy Bay 2015 Chardonnay is in order. Deliciously savoury, its aromatics are sure to make you feel most at home.

    Over the years, Cloudy Bay takes pride in its ability to showcase New Zealand’s true character, all the while enforcing the need to celebrate the highlights of life, whether simple or luxurious.

    From us to you, cheers!

    Established in 1985, Cloudy Bay stands as one of the first few wine makers to venture into Marlborough. It is now available in (_____). For more info, visit www.us.cloudybay.co.nz

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