30 Statement Furniture Pieces Inspired by Places

    30 statement furniture pieces that remind us of locations from around the world ranging from the gardens of Versailles, New York kitchens from Nancy Meyer movies, Martha’s Vineyard, and a stately manor in Avington Park.


    San Francisco

    Leo's Oyster Bar, San Francisco

    Located in San Francisco’s Financial District, Leo’s Oyster Bar provides seafood and cocktails in an ambiance of old-school charm

    Maison Christian Lacroix wallpaper

    With the current trend of palm motifs not going away anytime soon, The Groussay Vert Buis wallpaper print from MAISON CHRISTIAN LACROIX is a perfect dash of the tropics for the home. Maison Christian Lacroix is available at <christian-lacroix.com>

    Global Views Arbor Bar Cart in Bass

    Keep drinks on display with the GLOBAL VIEWS Arbor Bar Cart in Bass. Global Views is available in Shangri-La at The Fort



    Sketch Bar in London

    A townhouse tea room that transforms into a cocktail lounge, Sketch Bar is the go to-place for London’s well-heeled denizens

    Bellavista Collection Grace Wood Sofa

    The Grace Wood Sofa from BELLAVISTA COLLECTION comes in a number of walnut shades and is upholstered in the distinctive, so called “Millennial Pink.” Bellavista Collection is available at <bellavistacollection.com>

    West Elm Pillar Table Lamp in Antique Brass

    The Pillar Table Lamp in Antique Brass from WEST ELM is a welcome accent with an understated hue. West Elm is available in Century City Mall and Capitol Commons



    The Garden of Versailles

    The gardens cover 800 hectares of land, landscaped in the classic French Garden style

    Marie Antoinette Solid Oak Carved Bench by Jardins Du Roi Soleil

    The Marie Antoinette Solid Oak Carved Bench by JARDINS DU ROI SOLEIL provides a perfect vantage point to view the gardens and the home

    Chateau de Versailles tree box from Jardins Du Roi Soleil

    The CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES tree box from Jardins du Roi Soleil is a patented adoption of the tree boxes designed by Andre le Notre in 1670 for the gardens at Versailles. Jardins du Roi Soleil is available at <fort-royal.com>



    Avington Park, County Hampshire, England

    A stately manor located in County Hampshire, England, Avington Park was built in the 10th century, and has grown over time to become the Grade 1 Listed Building it is today

    Ethan Allen Aged Gold Luxe Floor Mirror

    The Aged Gold Luxe Floor Mirror from ETHAN ALLEN is made of poplar wood with hand-carved detailing. Ethan Allen is available at Twenty-four Seven McKinley, 24th Street corner 7th Avenue, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City

    Scarlet Splendour Raindrops Rouge carpet

    The Raindrops Rouge carpet from SCARLET SPLENDOR is inspired by the pattern of rain and works well for any space in the home. Scarlet Splendor is available at <scarletsplendour.com>


    Martha's Vineyard Beach House

    Beach house living in Martha’s Vineyard offers a preppy, rough-hewn charm for the city slicker

    Caracole Simple Life chair

    In shades of beige and cream, the Simple Life chair from CARACOLE elevates the beach living room to the height of sophistication. Caracole is available at the Dexterton Showrooms in 38th Street, BGC

    Global Views Teetertotter table

    The Teetertotter table by GLOBAL VIEWS is built with sculptural intent, but its hewn look is just as at home by the seaside. Global Views is available at Shangri La at The Fort



    Furnitalia's Florence Ko

    FURNITALIA’s Florence Ko’s four essentials for a modern office

    Molteni & C Secretello desk

    With a natural oak frame, The MOLTENI & C Secretello desk is a modern workstation, designed to be functional and self-sufficient

    Giorgetti Aspara seating system

    The ASPARA seating system provides an easily customized module for every configuration in the office space

    Fontana Arte lighting system in Pinecone

    The FONTANA ARTE lighting system in Pincone is available in a transparent or milky white acid-etched version, both of which influence the look of the lamp when switched on

    Poltrona Frau Lloyd bookcase

    The POLTRONA FRAU Lloyd is the ideal display case for books and objects, featuring  thin form grids in the style of wooden chopsticks, which can be slid along invisible horizontal rails

    FurnItalia is available in 30th Street Corner Rizal Drive, Crescent Park, Bonifacio Global City



    The quiet, understated Nordic aesthetics has caught on to home and design

     B&B Italia Outdoor Seating Console

    The B&B ITALIA Outdoor Seating Console comes with a special, lived-in wood effect and is perfect for easy living. B&B Italia is available in Twenty-four Seven Building 24th Street corner 7th Avenue and McKinley, Bonifacio Global City

    Philux Stockholm Coffee Table

    The PHILUX Stockholm Coffee Table offers a center spot in the living room for congregation with guests. Philux is available in Shangri-la at The Fort and Power Plant Mall


    Dorm Room

    Dorm rooms nowadays come with standard beds, cabinets and desks. But those with a flair for creativity (and easily persuaded parents) can customize a space of their own

    Karen Chekerdjian Hiroshima II Lamp in Rose Gold

    The Hiroshima II Lamp by KAREN CHEKERDIJIAN in rose gold provides the perfect light for late night study sessions. Karen Chekerdijian is available in <theinvisiblecollection.com>

    Heima Finn Day Bed

    The Finn Day Bed from HEIMA is easily packed and stored by a busy college student. Heima 229 LRI Design Plaza, Bel-Air II



    Benesse hotels, Kagawa and Okayama Prefecture

    Located in Kagawa and Okayama Prefecture, the Benesse hotels contain art museums on site, and rooms feature artworks for the discerning art lover

    Maison Dada Rugs

    Japanese Abstraction, a collection of nine rugs inspired by an imaginary trip to Japan by Dadaist artist Sophie Taeuber for MAISON DADA RUGS, are a combination of geometry and traditional Japanese patterns that show the marriage between cultural influences and modernity. Maison Dada is available on <www.maisondada.com>

    MoonB&B Italia System Sofa by Zaha Hadid

    Exhibiting the complexity of geometry, the Moon System sofa by Zaha Hadid for B&B ITALIA is a free flowing sofa design, as if carved from one piece. B&B Italia is available at the Twenty-four Seven Building 24th Street corner 7th Avenue and McKinley, BGC


    Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez and Jessica Kienle Maxwell

    Sisters Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez and Jessica Kienle Maxwell demonstrate the chic way of decorating a baby’s room with pieces from PHILUX

    The Sutter Commode can be used as a baby’s changing table, or perhaps a storage cabinet for toys

    Philux is available at Shangri-La at The Fort, Megamall B and Power Plant Mall


    Luxurious Bathroom

    Marble and gold touches to a bathroom make it a place to stay and relax, whether in the tub or during your nightly skincare routine

    Crate & Barrel display rack

    Forego the convention of built-in shelving in the bathroom by using a CRATE & BARREL display rack to showcase skincare and makeup. Crate & Barrel is available in SM Makati

    Je Suis lamp by Penta

    The Je Suis lamp by PENTA is available in oak, stained anthracite wood, or Carrara white marble and offers a warm, dramatic lighting option. Penta is available in FurnItalia, 30th Street Corner Rizal Drive, Crescent Park, West BGC


    Library room

    The collection of books in a home library says a lot of the owner of the house

    Scarlet Splendour's Terra Tables

    The Terra tables by SCARLET SPLENDOR is the perfect spot for accoutrements and lighting options for the library

    Scarlet Splendour's Cirrus Wine Armchair

    The Cirrus Wine Armchair by SCARLET SPLENDOR adds a touch of deep sophistication to any room. Scarlet Splendor is available at <scarletsplendour.com>

    THE KITCHEN of a Nancy Meyers movie

    Kitchen inspired by The Intern

    Inspired by the kitchen of The Intern, the modern kitchen has open shelving for a quick glance into the well-intentioned clutter of a home

    West Elm L-Beam Wall Shelf

    The L-Beam Wall Shelf from WEST ELM showcases plate wares, ingredients, and cookbooks. West Elm is available in Century City Mall and Capitol Commons

    Vista Alegre Folkifunki plateware

    VISTA ALEGRE’S Folkifunki plateware is a whimsical take on fantasy and tradition for the table. Vista Alegre is available at <vistaalegre.com>


    Design Pod's Anne Young

    Design Pod’s Anne Young gives her take on the required pieces for loft living in the City of Dreams

     Torino sofa bed

    A compact and stylish sofa bed maximizes space and budget. The Torino sofa bed is a good idea for both extra seating and guests sleeping over

    Design Pod sideboard

    A sideboard helps give a decorative function to storage solutions

    DesignPod is located at Shangri-La Plaza Mall

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