Behind the Doors of the Private Room Club: Mia San Agustin’s Girls Night Out

    Harlan and Holden’s Mia San Agustin likes to wine and dine with friends. Collectively, she and her girlfriends are called the Private Room Club. “We formed PRC as an all-girls night out. No clubbing but more for dinner and drinks. The name of our thread was originally GNO, which stands for Girls Night Out but we later realized we should only hold our get-togethers when we are in a private room of a locale or in the privacy of our own homes,” recounts Mia. She adds that because their group “ends up laughing, shouting and doing other hysterics,” privacy is key for the ladies belonging to the group.

    Mia prefers intimate settings for her dinners at home. “I enjoy entertaining small groups at home or even just having another couple over. It gives us reason to get a little dressed up and to bring out the special tableware.” Limoges bone china, hand-carried by her father from Paris, is laid on hand-embroidered linens, recalling a quintessential English dinner setting. There are champagne coupes with silver borders that reference the art deco era. Candelabras from Moscow illuminate her table. Blooms from the English garden of Mia’s mother add color to her table. She shares that when it comes to floral arrangements, her mom is the person she always goes to. “I like to mix things up. My presentations are not perfectly coordinated,” observes Mia.

    Spontaneity is an element in Mia’s dinner that makes it a hot topic the following day. “I look forward to the morning after when we exchange stories from the night before. We laugh at the comments made or the unexpected shifts in conversation. There’s a lot of fun in trading photos and reminiscing about what happened,” explains Mia. She cites one particular get together in her home where guests decided to teach each other one dish. “The first recipe was for sans rival, but we did not have a hand mixer. Between our efforts to improvise and the glasses of wine and gin, it was a disaster. Our dinners are very easy going.”

    During dinner with the Private Room Club, Mia stuck to her rule of always serving one tried and tested dish that guests love. There was a roast pig stuffed with rice and truffle accompanied by seafood pasta and baked fish. Champagne and fine wines were flowing as Mia’s trusted server made sure coupes were constantly being topped up. There was laughter, lively conversation, and merriment throughout the evening when the ladies of the Private Room Club held one of their dinners in the privacy of Mia’s home. 


    How To Enhance Dinner Through Scents

    1. Vanilla is a scent that is inviting and appetizing. My favorite is by Shay and Blue called Atropa Belladonna. This base is vanilla but mixed in with cassis berries.
    2. Diptyque in Figuier candles are a must. It’s classic and refreshing.
    3. Try to also place diffusers with sandalwood or patchouli scents.

    Text by Bianca R. Salonga
    Photography by Reau Gutierez


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