The Cookbook You Never Thought You Needed Until Now

    “Feast With Me” is the cookbook that will take us one step closer to living the Ina Garten type of lifestyle we’ve always wanted.

    Thanks to the gorgeous Stephanie Zubiri Crespi—both stunning and brilliant in her own right, readers can now conjure their own creative food & wine pairings in the comfort of their own home without breaking the bank (unlike Ina, Stephanie prefers the convenience of store-bought—how considerate).

    “Contrary to what most people think, this book is not about luxury. In fact, one of the reasons I often invite people over is to save money,” Stephanie muses. “With rising prices in restaurants, I find you can serve a delicious meal at home for a fraction of the cost of eating out in the city.”

    For those of you who just walked in, “Feast With Me” is currently the only food and wine pairing book in the country that offers its readers affordable recipe and wine options they can easily recreate at home. Aside from the latter, the book also features Stephanie’s travels abroad with her loving husband Jonathan, and sons Sebastiani and Maxi.

    Surely there are many reasons why you should dash to your nearest bookstore and get a copy for yourself, one of those being that the book is humble and most certainly authentic in nature; The latter is probably the reason why Feast With Me’s grand launch at the Peninsula Manila was such a huge success.

    Surrounded by friends and family, Stephanie proudly debuted her first book—a combined effort of equally-brilliant minds such as Magic Liwanag, Andrea G. Zubiri, award-winning book designer Ige Ramos, Therese Jamora Garceau, and Dolly Dy-Zulueta, in a rustic-inspired setting complete with lights, flora, food, wine, and selections for guests to bring home.

    It’s really not about fancy dishes and Grand Cru wines with names that are difficult to pronounce. This book is all about enjoying good old home cooking washed down with a glass or two of nice wine with your nearest and dearest.”

    “Feast with Me” is available at National Bookstore and Powerbooks and also available online through You can reach Stephanie and more of her recipes and wine pairings through her IG @stephaniezubiri and her website

    Photos by Panda Studio, Amari Moments and Walter Bollozos.

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