Make Your Own Car: A Close Look at the First Tailor-Made Ferrari in Manila

    An eager car lover flies first class to Maranello, Italy, excited for the endless possibilities that lay ahead of him. He is full on champagne and ideas run rapidly through his brain. “Should I go for bespoke stitching? Should my caps be painted orange?” he thinks to himself. This person is not flying halfway across the globe to see the Ducal Palace of Sassuolo or relax at the quaint old town. His adrenaline is too high, and as soon he steps off the plane, he’ll speed his way up to the Ferrari headquarters to order his tailor-made Ferrari.


    The Ferrari Tailor-Made Programme is the latest the Italian luxury car company has to offer their most esteemed clientele. The experience begins by flying from your destination to the Northern Italian town of Maranello, home of Ferrari. There, he will have the opportunity to work with world-class artisans in selecting a truly bespoke car that will fit his personify and unique taste. Following a long tradition of customizing sports cars, the program was at the height of its popularity back in the 1950s and 60s. As the Beatles were taking over the music scene, Ferrari was making car lovers craze over custom-built automobiles, letting them choose the materials, colors and finish to suit their every whim.

    For the growing luxury car market of the Philippines, Ferrari has finally brought the old Maranello tradition to Manila. Every detail of your vehicle will be completely up to you. Patrons are no longer limited to choosing within Ferrari’s iconic color schemes. There is an option to create your own color and even naming it yourself. For instance, the first and only tailor-made Ferrari in the Philippines so far is in a newly mixed shade the owner likes to call Orange Josorah. One can only speculate the sentimental value this fiery orange has to the master of this 458 Spider model. The cabin trim also takes on an impressive look, taking on a combination of black and orange.


    Small details like the bespoke color stitching and the car’s Orange Josrah caps with a chromed horse were all thought out by the owner and adjusted to his liking. It features such specialties like matte black exterior grills and an upper dashboard in Nero leather. The most notable detail is that of the Ferrari logo he used, replacing the classic prancing horse badge with that of the Scuderia Ferrari logo, the emblem for racers and the Ferrari sportsmen. He takes it as far as stitching the Scuderia shields onto his seat headrests for a cooler take on a modern Ferrari vehicle. 

    The Scuderia is one of the three collections available with the Tailor-Made Programme. Inspired by Ferrari’s long history of sports, the line carries a wide array of racing-derived materials for your perfect vehicle. On the other hand, the Classica collection offers the GT collection with a modern twist. Finally, the Inedita allows patrons to play with the styling and colors. The options from the collections available are like toys in a toy store for the modern gentleman. Rather than the latest GI Joe action figure, patrons who fly to Maranello are given entry to the Styling Centre, where the customization game is endless. There, there are countless tools to experiment with in the creation of your Ferrari. Treatments, colors to browse, and specialty equipment are all readily available for you to see. Even luxury materials such as rare denims, cashmere and carbon fiber are on hand for you to get creative.

    Filipino customers wishing to create their own Tailor-Made Ferrari can do so by organizing a trip with the local Ferrari carriers. Upon arriving at Maranello, clients will be introduced to a Personal Designer, who will take charge of their unique Ferrari experience. Once each detail and item is ironed out to the owner’s liking, a 3D render of the car will be printed for their study. After some suggested rest and relaxation on the Italian countryside, patrons can depart from home. Ferrari does not keep their patrons in the dark, letting you in with the excitement. One can monitor and track the entire process right until delivery day. If you wish, owners are invited back to the Italian province to pick up the car themselves.



    Photography by Real Guttierez 


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