FYI: You Can Enroll In Maserati Driving Courses

    You’re in a café with your closest friend. She gushes about her exclusive sun & sand type of summer with her family. She glistens like a goddess with her fresh new tan. You nod, excited to hear about her experience in the luxurious remote island you’ve been dying to go to as well.

    “How about you, how was your summer?”

    It’s your turn.

    You casually say you took Maserati driving classes. You full-throttled the Trident. Aced it. Did it again a couple number of times.

    She chokes.

    Say hello to one of the most thrilling things you’ll be doing this 2018.


    The Italian luxury vehicle powerhouse offers two different types of courses for the elite thrill seekers of the world. With a quick flight to North America, enrolled students will be able to experience a fleet of Maserati automobiles including the GranTurismo, Quattroporte, Ghibli, and Levante, all in a safe controlled track environment.

    If a half-day Maserati “test drive” sounds appealing to you, go for the Trident Experience. While brief, it’s the most exciting few hours you will ever experience in your life. You and your other fellow drivers will get access to Maserati’s entire track fleet. Instructors will be present to teach you the basics of Maserati’s handling capabilities, as well as give you a side-by-side 101 on how to fully make use of your own Maserati’s performance potential. Short, sweet, and absolutely perfect for people on-the-go.

    Now, if you’re up for a complete immersive experience, sign-up immediately for their very exclusive European instructional driving program, the Master GT 1 Day Program. Get the perks of participating in professional-level performance exercises on some of the most challenging track courses in the USA. Mingle with your fellow drivers at the VIP reception and dinner the evening prior and wake up fully energized for the ride of your life.


    Course only rates are € 2.200/driver (approximately PHP 133,000), inclusive of 1 day on the track, insurance, lunch at the circuit, open bar and Maserati gifts. Companions require an additional € 250 fee (approximately PHP 15,000).

    Course plus accommodation rates reach  € 2.350/driver (approximately PHP 142,000), inclusive of bed and breakfast accommodation in the sponsoring hotel the evening before the course data and return transfer from Hotel to the track by special shuttle. Companions will cost an additional € 400 fee (approximately PHP 24,000).

    While the next batch of courses are still in the works, you can keep a close eye on their website for updates on as to when their next series of classes are. You wouldn’t want to miss out. 

    by Samantha Masigan

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