Gentlemen! Suits Don’t Have To Be Boring!

    Gone are the days when men can get away with a lackluster suit and tie combo. As most quip the excuse of “a lack of variety in men’s clothing”, we will most definitely be standing in the background with eyes rolling all the way to the back of our heads.

    Throw away the excuses, gentlemen. It’s time to get creative this 2017.

    Thankfully, Cartier jewellery is here to make your lives a little bit easier (and your suits a little more…festive). Known to deliver such gentlemanly elegance are the new Cufflinks by Cartier—bejewelled masculine ornaments that can spice up even the most boring of ensembles.

    Consider these timeless pieces as the next great addition to your now existent cufflink collection. While your lady dazzles quite extravagantly during your next holiday shindig, you can take pride in the small, subtle details that make you shine just as bright.

    Cheers to your newfound appreciation for dapperly style!

    In the Philippines, Cartier is located at Greenbelt 4, Rustan’s Shangri-La, and Newport Resorts World.

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