Greta Gerwig’s “Lady Bird” Gets A 100% At Rotten Tomatoes

    And just like that, the power of the female is once again at an all-time high. Standing with a 100% “fresh” rating from Hollywood’s evil arch nemesis Rotten Tomatoes is Lady Bird, Greta Gerwig’s phenomenal directorial debut and now one of the best-reviewed films of all time.

    Raking in more than $10 million during its first few weeks, Lady Bird is a fierce, low-budget underdog that commands attention. Let the insatiable Saoirse Ronan take you through the experience Catholic high school seniority, fueled by teenage angst, sex, neon colored hair, relationships, college applications, and obligatory school plays.

    Peter Travers of Rolling Stone dubs Lady Bird as “One of the best films of the year. In telling her own coming of age story, Gerwig proves herself a blazing talent and Ronan and Metcalf should have Oscar calling. Totally irresistible.” If that doesn’t get you wanting more of this directorial masterpiece, we don’t know what will.


    Lady Bird is not the only movie this year to reach a 100% rating. For a fleeting moment, Jordan Peele’s directorial debut Get Out also reached peak “fresh” status, getting accolades from the film industry’s best and toughest critics.


    Gerwig’s directorial masterpiece is urgent, compassionate, and relatable; No wonder it has already been nominated for 4 Independent Spirit Awards and 3 Gotham Awards. Good job, Greta!

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