Guestimation Game: How Much Did Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho Spend for Their Fairytale Wedding? (Part 4)

    Celebrity doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho tied the knot last weekend at a grand wedding celebration in Paris. For the privilege guests invited, it was nothing short of an experience straight out of a fairytale. Fans of the couple celebrated alongside them on social media, with guests posting everything on their Instagram accounts with the trending hashtag #aKHOandmyBELOved.

    The couple began by checking into the multi-roomed Coco Chanel Suite at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. When friends from Manila flew in, they treated everybody to a luxury cruise ride and dinner on the River Siene. The following day’s festivities were able to match even the grandest of royal weddings. After saying their vows at the American Church in Paris, they moved their party to the Paris Opera House for the reception planned by Tim Yap’s Paparazzi and styled by luxury events stylist Robert Blancaflor. Weve decided to break it down for you: how much did Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho spend for their fairytale wedding?

    Photography by Joel Serrato and Marc Enrich Go (official wedding photos) and Vicki Belo (from her Instagram account victoria_belo). 

    The Coco Chanel Suite at the Ritz Paris  

    Not counting the price of a first class ticket aboard Emirates from Manila to Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport (which is approximately $7,000.00 or P354,000), Vicki and Hayden’s hotel accommodations were at the height of luxury. They checked in the Hotel Ritz Paris and booked a multi-roomed suite. The Coco Chanel Suite was designed by the famous French designer herself, and is said to have been her residence in Paris. According to their website, the suite costs a hefty €18,000.00 a night, which is P1,098,126.



    A Welcome Dinner and Cruise Ride on the River Seine

    The night before their nuptials at the American Church in Paris, Vicki and Hayden hosted a welcome dinner aboard a luxury liner on the river Seine. We can only guess the food and drink expenses aboard the 70-meter ship. According to the, who looked into the Paris Tourisme website, “special private events would cost around €130 per head.” Manila Times’ guestimation assumed 150-200 people onboard the Belo-Kho love boat, meaning they would’ve spent P1,585,168 for the maximum number of guests.


    Tim Yap’s Yaparazzi, Robert Blancaflor, and Celebrity Performances

    We can only guest how much the Kho’s shelled out for the expert organization skills of Tim Yap’s event company Yaparazzi. Along with his fiancé and the wedding’s director Javi Martinez, the party wizards were thanked by the couple for their talents in putting the entire event together. Yaparazzi even brought in their frequent collaborator, luxury events stylist Robert Blancaflor to style the wedding. He described his work for the special day through a post on his Instagram account (@robblacaflor): “The Tables were decorated with the best available white blooms this time of the Year such as Hydrangeas, Ecuador and Spray Roses, Freesias, Zantedeschias, Tulips and Peonies. All of these flowers were imported from Amsterdam thru the same agent weve been using the last 15 Years for our direct importation to Manila. It was a realization for us that since we have direct importation arrangements with 3 countries (and soon 5), we can do Weddings and Events anywhere in the World without worrying where to source one of the most important elements of an Event.” During the reception, the bride and groom were also serenaded by celebrity guests such as Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez.


    Michael Cinco and Mark Bumgarner’s Couture Dresses

    Vicki, the ultimate fashion lover, decided to share her love for local designers during her wedding. According to an Instagram post by Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco (@michael5cinco), the blush pink wedding dress he designed for Belo ran 3-meters long and “is made of French lace and tulle with full silk embroidery on top in the baroque patterns with sequins, pearls, and transparent Rose Opal Swarovski crystals…And it took 1000 hours to finish with 50 skilled artisans.” The esteemed designer has created looks for socialites, movie stars and even royals. We estate the cost of a Michael Cinco custom couture creation would be around $1 million or P50,000,000. Young designer Mark Bumgarner also created a gown for Belo, which was worn during her first dance with her new husband. Bumgarner posted a photo from the event on his Instagram stating, “So happy to be part of this union. I created this blue dress with a fairytale wedding in mind. And what a beautiful, dreamy and grandiose wedding it was! Best wishes @dochayden and @victoria_belo!” According to e-commerce website, the price range of a Mark Bumgarner couture gown is between $3,000-$10,000 (approximately P500,000).


    The Grand Reception at the Paris Opera House

    The Palais Garnier, otherwise known as the Paris Opera House is 1,979 seat opera house built in 1861. Designed by architect Charles Garnier, the famous structure is considered to be the most famous Opera house in the world, even inspiring such cultural phenomenons like the hit musical The Phantom of the Opera. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho teased the venue of their wedding one-month prior, sending out invitations with illustrations of the couple with their daughter Scarlet Snow inside a theater. Although there is no available information on how much it costs to rent out the entire Opera House, events stylist Robert Blancaflor wrote on his Instagram (@robblancaflor), “In our 20 Years in the business, we have done more than 10 Weddings outside the Philippines but the #aKHOandmyBELOved Wedding is by far the best of them all. It’s in Paris, and the Venue #PalaisGarnier is one of the most exclusive in the World. Not only that you need an enormous amount of money to be “approved” but you also need to have a certain stature. Only a handful are given this opportunity. Thank You Dr. Hayden Kho @dochayden and Dra Vicki Belo @victoria_belo for the trust. I am humbled. #RBGInternationalEvents #RBG20Years with #YaparazziEvents.”


    Photography by Joel Serrato and Marc Enrich Go
    Wedding Director – Javi Martinez
    Vicki’s Gowns – Michael Cinco & Mark Bumgarner
    Scarlet’s Gowns – Micael Cinco and Mishka Aoki (flower girl and reception, respectively)
    Dance Choreography – Lala Movement
    Videographer – Emma Wilson of Story of Your Day 




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