Hermès Just Launched Their Largest Hong Kong Flagship Store


    A giant orange box at the corner of Landmark Prince is Hermès on Hermès on Hermès.

    This is the energy of the newest Hermès flagship store in Hong Kong which recently launched last January 10 at Landmark Prince’s. The towering three-story spectacle occupies 9,167 square feet of land, filled to the brim with vibrant Hermès paraphernalia that can make any fashionista’s heart leap.

    image from philstar.com

    image from philstar.com

    Upon entering, silk scarves galore flaunting a multitude of colors. The scent of their signature perfumes hover in the air. In your peripheral vision is the quaint sparkle of fashion jewelry. Further off is Hermès for men, washed completely in leather and neutral ready-to-wear pieces.


    A few steps up is the mezzanine floor, where Hermès for women is housed. Colorful ready-to-wear pieces are uniformly lined, along with watches, jewelry accessories, and of course, bags (who could dare forget?). Step into “L’ecrin” (A VIP room!), where you can take a peep at their more delicate jewelry collection.

    Hermès Maison rests at the top of the three-story luxury extravaganza. Take a look at the wide range of home decor, furniture, and tableware the fashion house has to offer. After which, take the Hermès foosball table for a run.


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    Axel Dumas, CEO of Hermès, was most certainly in attendance during the momentous event. “We really wanted to have something special in Hong Kong…we believe in the future of Hong Kong very strongly,” he says. “The idea as always is to try to show you as much of our product as possible and try to seduce you with that.”

    With his cousin Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Hermès artistic director, Axel has successfully put up a store in the place where it all started for them. As young men, both launched their careers in the Hermès business in none other than Hong Kong itself. 45 years later, they’re back in destiny’s catapult.

    by Samantha Masigan

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