Yes, Hermès Is Doing Watches…And We Bet You Didn’t Know That.


    Hermès, best known for their sophisticated apparel, handbags, scarves & other accessories, is finally showcasing a line of luxe timepieces and they are gorgeous. In line with the latter, the luxury house is hosting an exhibition in Singapore, and we highly suggest you book your flights as soon as possible. Running from the 27th of October up until November 5, ‘Time, an Hermès Object’ will be available for viewing at Ngee Ann City.

    The exhibition is set to open with Gandini Juggling, whilst performers playing peculiar characters interact with the guests in attendance; Yet, one musn’t think that these performances are done in vain, in fact they are symbolic of things such as the manipulation of time in your hands, as well as fluidity and precision—aspects Hermès aims to impose in its exhibit.

    Other things to watch out for during the exhibit are monolithic windows accentuated by pulsating lights, which make the display of the timepieces fleeting in nature. Guests can also expect a series of interactive screens, silhouettes, kaleidoscope imagery, and even vanishing smoke.

    The opportunity to play with time is finally here, and what better way to do so than through the power of Hermès.

    'Time, an Hermès Object' will be held at Hermès Takashimaya, 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City. 

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