Immortalizing The Authentic Gianni Versace

    There are a lot of things we would like to formally thank the late Gianni Versace for: the glamorous, over-the-top aesthetic, the rise of the long-legged 90’s supermodel with big hair, and creating a fashion empire that served as inspiration for Bruno Mars’ top hit, Versace On The Floor (now a cult classic). The brand distinguished by a fiercely intimidating Medusa head logo has risen to fashion immortal status, and rightfully so.

    20 years since the passing of Gianni—the pop culture icon who would have turned 71 today, the luxury house known for its excess of flashy gold designs and 90’s supermodel aesthetic is still very much loved and adored by stylistas worldwide.

    To celebrate the life and times of Gianni Versace, here is a look at the decadent influence he has left for the world to enjoy for years on end. It is, indeed, a legacy to behold.

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