The Most Lavish Villa To Stay In For Your Next Roman Holiday

    Situated a few miles from central Rome is the opulent Palazzo Odescalchi—the star of your next Roman holiday. Rich in lush interiors that served as first-hand witnesses to the extravagant lives of the royal Odescalchi clan, the Palazzo Odescalchi is now open for your lounging pleasure thanks to its owner, Princess Maria Pace Odescalchi, who kept it in restoration for the past two years.

    Now deemed as one of Rome’s finest rentals, the Palazzo Odescalchi instantly transports you to the spectacular life of 17th-century royalty, where ancient marbles are vast, silk damasks are envied, and where sleeping on a golden bed is a norm. Walls stand strong and high, witnesses to a lavish life that once was. Chandeliers here are bright—almost blinding, made from the Earth’s finest crystals. Rich, vivid colors harmoniously mesh to evoke a warm feeling of blue-bloodedness in its occupants. Aside from the its aforementioned features, the Palazzo also boasts of four meticulously restored bedrooms, welcoming in nature and ready to serve as a backdrop to its occupant’s ‘best trip ever’.

    Here are just some of the luxurious rooms the Palazzo Odescalchi has to offer. Prepare to be left breathless:

    A stay here entitles you to a well-staffed villa (they have a butler and a maid), concierge services that can provide tours of the city by none other than the Princess’ personal contacts, which include academics in art and architecture, Italian cuisine experts, wine connoisseurs, fashion designers, and garden experts, to name a few. A stay in the palace also gives you access to an elite black book, as well as the perks of getting tables at the Odescalchis’ most favored restaurants.

    Interested in experiencing the palace first hand? Shoot an email to The palace is only available upon request.


    Photos by Roberta Valerio

    Words by Samantha Masigan

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