Lifestyle Asia’s Editor-In-Chief Shares Her Ultimate Travel Essentials

    No one does a vacation quite like Anna Sobrepeña. The Editor-In-Chief of Lifestyle Asia is usually seen jet-setting her way across the globe, making memories not just for herself, but to share with the world.

    Now, she chooses to share another thing with all of us: her ultimate travel essentials, so you can journey into the world in style just as she does. May this serve as true packing inspiration for your travels this 2018.


    Beyond necessities like sunblock, moisturisers, dental floss, toiletries and medicines, my ultimate travel essentials are:

    1.  Anawim and Word Among Us prayer meditations


    To jumpstart days with a perspective of what is truly important

    2. Preferred company


    Travel companion/s inclined to flexibility, spontaneity, who appreciate and provide good conversations but are just at ease with silences

    3. Sense of humour


    To meet the unexpected that could throw a wrench into best laid plans.

    4. Platinum credit cards

    credit cards

    For all the lovely things that money can buy

    5.  Extra luggage


    that can be packed and unfolded to carry used apparel that are displaced by acquisitions on the trip

    6. Stylish and comfortable footwear


    that can go from day to night and march everything (although I am still in search for this perfect pair) 

    7.  Linda Farrow sunglasses

    sunglasses 1

    For eye protection and looking fairly decent even without makeup

    8. An Hermes shawl

    hermes scarf

    To dress up any outfit

    9. Mobile phone with charger

    phone charger

    to stay connected, access information and take magazine quality photos

    10.  Sign Pen and thank you cards

    thank you notes

    to write notes of appreciation to people I meet along the way who have contributed to a happy experience

    11.  Contact details of friends 

    contact details

    who can facilitate arrangements for transport, waive excess baggage allowance, reservations in restaurants and shopping privileges

    12. A sense of wonder and openness to adventure


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