Lush’s ‘Volume IV’ Makes Your Loved Ones Smell Like Home

    One can smell the distinct scent of a Lush shop meters away—this is a fact known by most. Yet while most associate the all-organic, sustainable, eco-friendly brand with their cult classic bath bombs and soaps, most tend to overlook their penchant for divine scents crafted from the finest essential oils and absolutes one can buy.

    With the recent release of the brand new look of their fragrance collection comes new additions to the family: ‘Volume IV’. Inspired and crafted by Hal Samples—photographer, documentarian, and performance artist, the new perfume range is an homage to something we all hold near and dear to our hearts: the warmth of home. With the harmonious marriage of a multitude of different notes—from rough, unruly and ready, to floral, fruity, and childlike, Lush proves to us that there is a ‘home’ for everybody.

    For your friend who can’t keep still: CARDAMOM COFFEE

    cardamom coffee

    This scent is reminiscent of the adventures you have yet to take. The sweet and spicy cardamom oil, intertwined with the delicate hints of rose, olive, and oudh transport you into a long life of traversing into the Earth’s uncharted territories, made sweeter with the one you treasure the most.

    For the feminist girl-almighty: TANK BOTTLE


    Meant for the woman of power, the woman with a voice, the woman with a vision. Sweet bubblegum competes with the earthy scent of patchouli and rain—the perfect contrast for the woman who fights with a heart.

    For the offbeat, avant-garde confidante: RENTLESS


    Give this to your home away from home. Mellowed-out patchouli, bright grapefruit oil and tonka absolute remind you of that shoulder to cry on during a rainy Monday night. This is the friend with a life you wish were your own, and with a peace and calm so enviable you cling onto them in the hopes of absorbing the same energy.

    For your loving unica hija: AMELIE MAE

    amelie mae

    This is the scent of your daughter’s rosy cheeks mid-giggle, pigtails high up in the air. Adorned with rose absolute and ylang ylang oil, Amelie Mae is breezy, airy, and carefree—the scent of your hija who is a reflection of you.

    For your mother, your first love: I’M HOME

    im home

    Give this to her, because she is home. She is enveloped in a blanket of vanilla and cocoa—a scent you look most forward to after a long period of lonesomeness.  No other words need to be said. It’s simply understood.

    For your muse, the love of your life: WHAT WOULD LOVE DO?

    what would love do

    This is how coming home to love would smell like after a long day—calming, sweet, almost lulling. It is also love’s scent nestled within thick blankets on a cold morning—bright, positive, and vibrant.

    Lush is located at Alabang Town Center, Bonifacio High Street, Estancia in Capitol Commons, Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 3, Robinsons Magnolia, and Shangri-La Plaza, SM Mall of Asia and TriNoma. Visit or follow @lushcosmeticsph and @ssilifeph on Instagram for more information.

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