Meet The 7 Millennials That Are Next in Power

     In the stance of every achieving member of the millennial generation is a quiet, almost intimidating power that resonates. Standing amidst the overflow of roaring critiques targeted to the “lazy, entitled millennial” are these young game changers that have gotten a headstart in smashing the unnecessary stereotype.

    In celebration of the rise of Generation Z, Lifestyle Asia proudly presents the new kids on the block with visions not centered on themselves, but for the betterment of the country. These millenials–a beauty queen, a data scientist, a chocolatier, and a man with a dream to make education available for all– are next in power, and they’re gaining momentum fast. 

    Laura Lehmann


    Beauty Queen, Miss World Philippines

    Laura Lehmann, winner of the recently concluded Miss World Philippines, has been busy. With photoshoots, TV guestings, and lunches with designers popping up left and right,  the Ateneo de Manila graduate squeezes in preparation for the upcoming Miss World pageant, to be held in November.

    A veteran to the competition scene (she won first runner-up at the Binibing Pilipinas pageant in 2014), she also worked in sportscasting as the courtside reporter for the Ateneo Blue Eagles for UAAP season 77 and 78, and was a member of the Philippine Women’s National Softball Team. Laura’s focus now lies in business of pageantry, and we can’t wait for her to bring home the crown!

    Francis Gotianun


    Vice President, Filinvest Hospitality   

    Francis Gotianun, son to Jonathan Gotianun (chairman for Filinvest Development Corp.) and Cristina Consunji (board member,DMCI Homes Inc.), is on a mission to continue the family’s legacy. As vice president of Filinvest Hospitality, Francis helps manage the growth and development of the company’s hospitality division. Despite a busy schedule, Francis is passionate about what he does, claiming that his biggest motivation is “having happy guests!”

    The University of Virginia alumnus and IESE master’s degree holder states that his main focus in the company is to continue expansion into the future. 

    “We have a lot of plans. We will be launching Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay and the renovated portion of Quest Hotel & Conference Center Clark before the end of the year…and a couple more surprises.” 

    Paulina Luz Sotto-Llanes


    Visual Artist

    It is no surprise that Paulina Luz Sotto-Llanes, granddaughter of National Artist Arturo Luz, grew up interested in art, but not enough to actually consider it as a career…until now. 

    Her recent penchant to become a visual artist sprung from simple doodling. Starting with works done as a mere hobby, orders from friends started to arise. Seeing the possibility of it being a full-blown career, Paula jumped into being a dedicated, full-time visual artist. A number of successful solo exhibits later, Paula has already sold hundreds of paintings in the year and a half, and has not shown any signs of stopping soon. Her trademark is a focus on the beauty of simple things.

     “I want to wake up to a world with kind, honest people. I try my best to be kind to everyone in hopes that people pay it forward,” she says.



    Managing Director, Auro Chocolate 

    Mark Ocampo, the brains behind the chocolate business Auro Chocolate, has already helped boost agriculture in the Philippines at the early age of 28. “The whole project is about giving back to the cocoa farmers. We developed an exclusive partnership with 2000 farmers and we guarantee their market for 10 years.”

    In partnership with Kelly Go, Mark established Auro Chocolate: a company that does not only sell high-end chocolate products, but also gives back to the people who made it. Today, the distribution of Auro Chocolate is growing rapidly. It is now available in multiple stores such as Coffee Bean, Blue Kitchen, All About Baking, Chocolate Lovers Pampanga, La Vie Parisan Cebu and several hotels.

    “I want to wake up to a brighter Philippines, where the world sees past the bad press to see opportunity…it’s about playing my small part and making sure we always put our best foot forward and are consistent in everything we do.”



    General Manager, HBC Inc. & Deputy General Manager, Splash Corp. 

    Alfonso Hortaleza is on a roll; He was invited by CNN to participate in The Boardroom (a special segment about business hosted by Anthony Pangilinan), he is currently planning his upcoming wedding, and of course, he is doing the simple task of maintaining his family business HBC Inc. & Splash Corp.–a P4 billion empire which serves as a leading distributor of healthcare and beauty products in the Philippines. No big deal.

    The young Hortaleza has played a signature role in bringing the family business into the future. On a day-to-day basis, he watches their business as a hawk, making sure the company is running as smoothly as possible. Splash Corp. carries such beauty and health brands like Maxipeel, Vitress, Kolouirs, Hygienex, and their latest concept San San, a makeup with vitamins. In 2013, the family acquired most of Barrio Fiesta Manufacturing, distributing the iconic Filipino brand’s products like canned goods, shrimp paste, and vinegar. Alfonso also helps run HBC Inc. as General Manager, the family retail store that carries most of these brands in every region of the Philippines.

    This year, Alfonso and his mother also plan to open an artisanal coffee shop situated at the heart of BGC.



    Founder, Thinking Machines Data Science

    A graduate of Stanford University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Science, Stephanie decided to return home from a sun-drenched Silicon Valley and found her company, Thinking Machines Data Science, which offers data science, analysis, strategy and storytelling as its services, and its core mission is the belief in “the unreasonable effectiveness of data.”

    “The whole point of Thinking Machines is I want people to use data to make decisions,” says Stephanie. “Given that the world is getting more complicated…I think it’s more important than ever to be able to use information, and make your decisions based on that, rather than annecdata, or gut feeling,” she opines.

    With her forward-thinking technology know-how, a question was posited about how she would run the Philippines if she were president. “I shouldn’t be President because my interests are pretty narrow,” she says. “But if I were, I would look at new job growth, and how to use the BPO sector in the same way Korea and Japan used manufacturing to their advantage. I want to discover how we can take BPOs and evolve them into to our Samsung or our Mitsubishi.” Perhaps not President, but a very effective cabinet member.



    Founder and CEO, Edukasyon.PH

    Young CEO Henry Motte Muñoz founded Edukasyon.PH with a goal to help the Filipino people. Edukasyon.PH is a website dedicated to helping students find suitable schools and courses. It acts as a map towards the right path, educating students the job opportunities for particular courses and encouraging them not to stick to any stereotypes on what comprises “a good education.”

    “We launched our online applications for colleges in June 2017, and signed our 200th college, Ateneo de Manila. All our partner schools are eagerly expecting applications,” says the 32-year-old civic leader.

    Henry’s dream of a better world would be one where “every student can get a quality, relevant and affordable education that prepares them for employment.” 

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