Miladay’s Iconic Pieces for the Modern Woman

    In celebration of Miladay’s 50th Anniversary, we asked them what are some of their favorite pieces and who they see wearing them.  Here are the five women they envision wearing some of their iconic pieces.

    1. Sabina Gonzalez

    This chic and modern bangle matches Sabina’s effortless Filipina beauty. The yellow gold finish will definitely enhance Sabina’s morena glow.

    2. Jessica Kienle

    This elegant pair of royal blue sapphire dangling earrings with diamonds will definitely bring out Jessica Kienle’s European and classic beauty.

    3. Ingrid Chua

    This dazzling pair of deep red ruby dangling earrings with diamonds compliments Ingrid’s adventurous style. Worn day or night, this piece will always add the right amount of sparkle to any of her outfits and even bags.

    4. Kiana Valenciano

    This stunning green emerald necklace with diamonds matches Kiana’s free-spirited yet elegant personality. She can definitely pull off this statement piece.

    5. Milka Romero

    This gorgeous rose cut diamond dangling earrings will definitely look lovely on Milka. The cut of the diamonds and style of the earrings will give the right amount of sparkle to Milka’s everday look.

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