Brian Poe Llamanzares and Alex Eduque Make Time for Change

    Alex wears a watch from Brian's company at the MovEd office

    Alex Eduque wears a watch from Brian Llamanzares' company at the MovEd office

    Two friends sit on the long table in a private conference room of a well-lit office, bantering about friends, family and good memories. They move in the same circles and are comfortable calling each other out for past mistakes and funny behavior. Alexandra Madrigal Eduque and Brian Poe Llamanzares, are scions of two families whose shared values and a project involving his new timepiece company and her non-government organization come together to promote early childhood education.

    “I met Brian through common friends. Two of my best friends are his good friends,” says Alex, founder and chairperson of MovEd Foundation, an organization that provides quality education to marginalized communities in the country. Across the table is Brian, who recently forayed into the business of designing watches. The recent launch of his brand Time Master, held at an exclusive reception in Prive, also promoted their collaboration. Alex announced that every Time Master sold would contribute a portion to help fund MovEd’s causes, which include building schools and guiding young people to make the proper educational choices.

    “It’s nice to have an excuse to work together and see each other,” she continues. “Brian is the type of guy who really puts his buck where his mouth is. Empathy is not that rare after all. The word millennial has such a negative connotation now, but you’d be surprised to know how many young people come to me willing to help an organization that’s worth while.”

    Friends Who Want to Change the Country

    “I wanted the company to benefit the country, as well,” mentions Brian. “I was thinking of all the NGOs I’ve worked with in the past. Then I realized working with Alex would probably be the best. It’s nice to see how MovEd has progressed over the years. I wanted to make sure the money from my company is put to good use. Alex is a friend, someone I can trust and someone who can add value to the brand. Plus, she’s always there and I can bug her all the time.”

    “I feel like we’ve grown a lot,” Alex says on MovEd’s quick evolution. “When we started in 2012, we only had one site in Navotas with 38 students. Five years later (school year 2017-2018), we now have 18 schools and 810 students under our wing. It’s easier for us to expand and train people in remote places now.” Through their partnership, Alex hopes to open an alternative avenue to help the current situation in the Philippines. She adds Brian’s company to a list of partnerships that may catch the eye of her peers. Other projects she has been recently worked on include fundraisers like the Move for MovEd events, which are spin and zumba classes tailored for donors who are health enthusiasts.

    Bespoke Pieces for Time Master

    Brian has always loved timepieces. At the recent celebration of the company’s launch, he made a heartwarming speech recalling childhood memories bonding over timepieces with his father Neil. As he got older, Brian’s interest in watches only increased, giving him the idea for Time Master.

    “Why not focus on your passion as a business? As a watch lover, I get frustrated with the prices I have to pay. Swiss movements are not cheap. You have big companies that charge an arm and leg for them. I was thinking, why not make my own watch? All these big companies had to start somewhere. People would say to me, why compete in the watch business when there are so many around? Because I believe there’s always an opportunity to innovate,” Brian shared candidly.

    Time Master’s maiden collection Poseidon differs in appearance from what is available here. The hour hand is a trident and the face of the watch is royal blue surrounded by black. He has also tailored the watch to fit the Philippine market, making them compatible for diving up to 100 meters below sea level, a feature he added because of his love for surfing. It was fitting to name the collection Poseidon, the King of Ocean to reflect the watches strong and royal nature. Movements are made in Japan after Brian and his team of graphic artists designed the watches. The young entrepreneur is proud to say that each piece is bespoke to the company, and they ensure originality by having everything molded especially for Time Master. 

    Time Has No Boundaries

    Alex brings out her cellphone to take a selfie with her friend. They laugh at the photograph. The two friends will soon be parting, as Brian goes off to graduate school in Columbia University come fall. Ironically, it is Alex’s alma mater. Brian will be away for two years, but is confident that he and a hardworking team will make it seamless for him to conduct business while he’s abroad. Brian speaks proudly of his friend who has known her since MovEd was just an idea in Alex’s head, “There are very few people who think of what they want do for the country and for people. When you know people like that, you tend to gravitate to each other. We are expected to give back; we want the world a little better when we leave it.”

    “I believe that timing is everything,” mentions Alex. “That’s why I’m so happy with Time Master. Time is really precious. It’s something you can give someone. It’s a language of love. ‘Buying time’ means you are buying somebody an education. It felt very organic for a collaboration.”

    For more information on MovEd visit <>. Time Master watches are available at Washington Watches branches at Greenbelt 5, Glorietta and SM North EDSA. For more information visit <>

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