‘New’ House of Cards Is A Triumph For Females


    Robin Wright is finally taking the lead in the hit Netflix series House of Cards, proving that even a television-based reality can run just as good without the presence of predatory men.

    While most were fearful of the fate of the series after the announcement of Kevin Spacey’s termination for reports of sexual misconduct, Netflix has come up with more than assuring news that the House of Cards universe will operate just as smoothly under more reliable, female hands. This, of course, is great news—not only do we get to enjoy another season of a well-loved series, but we also get the privilege of watching it showcase a more vibrant, female energy.


    This is only one out of the numerous little triumphs women have had this year against predatory men, more specifically the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Woody Allen, Louis C.K., and dare we say even Donald Trump (assumptive, but possible) to name a few. Even locally, young women have been speaking out against such malicious, sexual behavior from local talents such as Jensen and the Flips and SUD, putting both bands under the spotlight—and not the good kind.  Sadly, these are just some of the many more accounts we have yet to hear about.

    While most can finally heave a sigh of relief knowing that women are now a bit more aware of the strength and power of the male gaze, we believe that we’re already too deep into the game. To have years—even decades—pass and have such actions deemed as either tolerable or normal is absurd and disappointing.

    We believe it’s time to stomp in fiercer, sharper stilettos. The females are starting to show their teeth, and men are scared—just as they always should be.

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