Our New ‘Mulan’ Is Absolute Perfection

    Thankfully not following the footsteps of Ghost In The Shell’s skewed casting decisions (whitewashing at its finest, in our honest opinion) comes Disney and their recent announcement of our new Mulan, the ever-gorgeous (and rightfully Asian!) 30-year-old actress Liu Yifei.


    In a meticulous, year-long search which included the likes of 1,000 other candidates, Liu stood as number one on the pedestal to play the beloved Hua Mulan, the femme fatale who disguises herself as a man in the hopes of sparing her father from fighting in the army during 5th-century China.

    “Honestly, I think there are many celebrities out there who are prettier than me. As an actress, it’s not only about looking good on camera, but being able to deliver the right emotions for the characters you play. This makes you more attractive on the screen,” Liu humbly quips during an interview for Cosmopolitan Korea.

    The model, actress, dancer and singer has been a well-known name in the business for more than 15 years, starring in films such as “The Story of a Noble Family”, that of which catapulted her into ultimate stardom. She also stands as a brand ambassador for multiple labels such as Pantene, Tissot, Dior, and Garnier.

    This gorgeous stunner is not just out to rule 5th-century China, but the whole world as well. 

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