Reasons We Love Jo Malone London’s New English Oak Scents

    Jo Malone London launches two new variants under the English Oak collection, English Oak & Hazelnut and English Oak & Redcurrant, which are inspired by the magic of the English woods.

    The inspiration behind the collection is pure magic 

    Jo Malone London’s new English Oak scents are inspired by the magic of the English countryside. When a breeze passes through Nottinghamshire, not only does one smell the oak almost immediately, but can also feel the magic of the fairytales that once took place at the woodland. Robin Hood, knights, and outlaws resided in this forest known as Sherwood. The tall English Oak tree is found here too.

    It is also the location where Master Perfumer Yann Vasnier and Global Head of Fragrance at Jo Malone London Celine Roux found their unexpected inspiration. Roux recalls the oak at Sherwood having, “a fairytale-like quality, which perfectly captures the magic of the English forest. Its twisting roots and branches, dating back hundreds of years, are filled with ancient tales and stories.”

    The two explored and experimented with their findings at this “place of mystery and enchantment,” returning from their journey with not one, but two scents that make up the first variants of the English Oak line: English Oak & Hazelnut and English Oak & Redcurrant. Pure magic.

    Jo Malone London’s twist on the usual oak scent

    “Oak is a beautiful, noble wood. It’s powerful and iconic. In perfumery you often find sandalwood and cedarwood, but oak has something unique. It’s majestic and mysterious,” mentions Master Perfumer Yann Vasnier. In perfumery, it has become a custom to use only oak moss, but Jo Malone London uses an actual oak variant exclusive to them: roasted oak absolute. He shares, “[We use] washed wood chips that are roasted at high temperatures, yielding up a rich, deep and smoky-sweet absolute; creating a warm and enveloping base.”

    Another scent to add to the collection means more opportunities for unique layering

    The release of two new variants under the English Oak line allows collectors the opportunity for unique layering. English Oak & Redcurrant has tasting notes of redcurrant and rose, with the base of the special roasted oak absolute. It is suggested to layer this with Blackberry & Bay for an unforgettable, fruity combination. English Oak & Hazelnut is best paired with Basil & Neroli. The roasted oak absolute base, green hazelnut top and cedarwood heart allows for a flirty citrus fragrance appealing to anybody.

    Jo Malone Landon’s English Oak collection will be available on September 2017 at the Greenbelt 5 store and Rustan’s Department stores.

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