The Most Remote Places To ‘Disconnect’ In

    The 21st-century way of life can be a a tad bit too much at times. With the constant reverberating noise of the world ringing in our ears 24/7, sometimes it’s good to stay as far away from any sign of life as possible (or maybe bring one person along with you for safety). Since a much needed R&R in the metro is never enough, we scoured the depths of the web to find some of the best remote places to hideaway and disconnect in (or at least try to).

    Here’s what we found:

    Dedon Island, Philippines 


    Dubbed as one of the 25 coolest hotels in the world by Forbes, Dedon Island is one of the Philippines’ not-so-hidden gems. A remote outpost situated on the lovely Siargao Island, Dedon Island offers all-inclusive rates that give you access to all its relaxing activities and features. This is also deemed as one of the perfect surfing spots in the country. Trying not to Instagram the place would be a challenge, surely.

    Dedon Island, Surigao del Norte, Philippines
    Phone +63 917 701 7840

    Tierra Chiloe, Chile 


    Within the remote depths of Chile’s Northern Patagonia, amidst blue waters that would make you want to sing a line from What A Wonderful World, is Tierra Chiloe—a chic, 24-room lodge surrounded by the lushest views your eyes will ever witness. To get here, catch a flight to the only airport near Puerto Montt—plot twist! They only do one flight a day. We doubt network signals are high in the area, but then again, that’s exactly the point.

    Renato Sánchez, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
    Phone +56 222078861

    Kakslauttanen, Finland 


    We’ll let you off easy if you choose to whip out your phones and take a fantastic, million-dollar snap of the Northern Lights above Kakslauttanen. After all, it’s one of the few places in Finland that can offer its visitors the best lightshow in the world. Lounge in a heated glass igloo situated in the quiet wilderness that leads to the Arctic Sea. While the sun’s bright and heavy, hop on a reindeer (yes, you heard us right) and explore the area. At night, put Rudolph to rest and gaze up at the sky. The northern lights might want to say ‘hi’ again.

    Kakslauttanen, Saariselkä, Finland
    Phone +358 16 667101

    Pädaste Manor, Estonia 


    The Manor House of the Pädaste Estate is home to a multitude of loyal international clientele, mainly because of its remoteness, first-class service, excellent food, and many R&R activities, among other things. After going through an extensive two-year restoration (the manor dates back to the 14th century), it now stands confidently on Muhu Island in the Baltic Sea. Guests get to enjoy a private limousine transfer during their stay as well. Get lost in the manor’s 14 rooms, intricately designed with the most luxurious fabrics and furniture Estonia has to offer.

    Pro tip: Request for ‘room 15’. It’s a superior double with a Poetry Loft, where you can read with a spectacular view of the cosmos.

    Pädaste Manor, Muhu Island, Estonia
    Phone +372 454 8800

    by Samantha Masigan

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