Rolls-Royce Completes the Black Badge Trinity with the Dawn

    The new Dawn Black Badge was presented at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed by the super-luxury car brand. Rolls-Royce has completed a feat of engineering with a car that focuses on the demands of the younger, more dynamic patron.  The release of this expression to the permanent Black Badge line, has allowed the company to complete its trinity of “darker alter-ego cars” with the Ghost, Wraith and Dawn.

    “Design what does not exist,” said Sir Henry Royce, a mantra that continues to inspire the engineers at Rolls-Royce who has continued to collaborate in creating bespoke vehicles. Glamorous and uncompromising, the Dawn Black Badge is notably darker, with a more sensual dimension. Multiple layers of paint are applied, before six coats of lacquer. It is then left to cure for 72 hours, before it is polished with the brand’s signature mirror finish. The process is exhaustive, however, the results are immaculate. Innovative technology such as Physical Vapor Deposition is applied, allowing the paint never to change or tarnish.

    The sunroof still opens in the hallmark Silent Ballet, allowing patrons to enjoy the sound of the night when desired. Interiors are relatively dark, with the rear deck finished in black leather. Some surfaces like the front grille, boot lid finisher, exhaust pipes and air inlet finisher are in black chrome. The Double R logo is done in color, showing a true sign that this is an alter ego to the popular luxury vehicle. Inside, the car is finished in dark interiors of black leather, accented with a bright mandarin orange stripe that encircles the entire cabin.

    Inspired by the brand’s aviation heritage, elements of the Dawn Black Badge are taken from aircrafts. For instance, the car uses aviation grade aluminum. Threads are at a delicate 0.014 m in diameter and are woven together before bound in carbon fiber. To improve the previous release, the Dawn’s V12 engine has been modified to generate an extra 30bhp, bringing it to a total of 593bhp. The torque has been furthered to a total 840Nm. It is the ideal car for the dynamic, active gentleman ready to drive off at dawn in search for adventure.

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