3 Reasons Why You Need Stephanie Zubiri Crespi’s New Book “Feast with Me” In Your Life

    Anvil Publishing, the publishing arm of National Bookstore, in partnership with Philippine Star is set to release Stephanie Zubiri Crespi’s newest book Feast with Me at National Bookstore this October 6, 2017. The food, lifestyle and travel journalist has garnered quite a good reputation as one of Manila’s most endeared hostess. Stephanie now shares her approach to dining, entertaining, and travel with her latest book that includes recipes by her and Dolly Dy-Zuleta, wine pairing tips, anecdotes about travels abroad, and tips for stylized table settings. We state 3 reasons why Feast with Me will enrich your life …

    Porcini and Marsala Pork Tagliata

    Porcini and Marsala Pork Tagliata

    The endeared hostess shares easy to do recipes

    Stephanie, who was featured in our first volume of RSVP Lifestyle Asia in 2016, has a passion for the culinary arts. The super mom isn’t only an avid entertainer and a Philippine Star lifestyle journalist, but also holds a Wine and Spirits Education Trust Level 3 certificate. Despite contrary belief, Stephanie has stated that her book is more than about luxury. She shares, “In fact, one of the reasons I often invite people over is to save money. With rising prices in restaurants, I find you can serve a delicious meal at home for a fraction of the cost of eating out in the city.”

    The book carries a wide array of delicious recipes with ingredients almost entirely available in local supermarkets. For instance, her luscious dark chocolate mousse calls for the popular Toblerone bar. “The entire book doesn’t even have a single whiff of truffle oil! It’s really not about fancy dishes and Grand Cru wines with names that are difficult to pronounce. This book is all about enjoying good old home cooking washed down with a glass or two of nice wine with your nearest and dearest.”

    Parisian Brunch setting

    Parisian Brunch setting

    It has recipes from all around the world

    “Travel is such a big part of me and I can never seem to quench my wanderlust,” shares the home cook. Stephanie’s passion for travel reflects in Feast with Me, featuring different themes in the book inspired by her travels around like world. Readers will be in awe reading about everything from her laidback Indian dinners to relaxed Parisian brunches. Her entire book takes you around the world through food. “(I hope the book will) allow you to travel from the comforts of your home and have the scent of distant markets and exotic cultures waft from your stovetop, enticing and drawing you and your loved ones around the table for a shared moment of epicurean joy.  In fact, all moments at the table are cause for celebration and it is that celebratory spirit that truly transforms any meal into a feast.”



    It’s filled with mouthwatering photos   

    What is a book about food and entertaining without mouthwatering photographs? Celebrated photographer Magic Liwanag has taken on the task, shooting photos to accompany the content of Feast with Me. He worked closely with award winning book designer Ige Ramos, editor Therese Jamora Garceau, and recipe creator Dolly Dy-Zulueta. Stephanie’s budding photographer niece Andrea G. Zubiri also contributes to the book.  Flipping through the lifestyle book will not only have you transported into the elegant world of fine cuisine, but will also have you salivating for a delicious life!

    Feast with Me will be available at National Book Store on October 6, 2017. Special web content will also be created to support the book: downloadable grocery lists, extra recipes, Spotify playlists and many more, notably the online show “Feast with Me” co-produced by Philstar TV and Stephanie which will air weekly on PhilstarTV.com and on Stephanie’s personal YouTube channel.



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