What To Throw Away For A Fresh 2018 Wardrobe

    One of the most exciting things about the new year is the chance to start fresh and wipe the slate clean. Gone are the speed bumps of the past as we look forward to a new chapter filled with bountiful opportunities and beginnings.

    Same goes for your wardrobe.

    We believe it’s about time to ditch the unnecessary baggage to make space for some new pieces that will surely get you ready for battle this 2018. Grab those bins and make sure to put these following items in for your favorite charity to enjoy.

    Novelty Vacation Shirts


    When was the last time you really wore this impulse buy beyond the corners of your household? While it makes for a good souvenir, it is still an item that eats up closet space.

    The Jeans That No Longer Fit


    Or any item of clothing that no longer fits, really.

    While most love to try to convince themselves that they will fit into those pants again like their past selves after a few sessions at the gym, it’s about time we learn to accept the body we have now and flaunt what we’ve got at the moment.

    The Piece You Only Wore Once


    Throw away those impulse buys as soon as possible, and your closet will thank you for it.

    Pro tip: if you feel an impulse buy coming along, have the counter reserve it for you during the day and walk on it first.

    The Not-As-White-Anymore Shirt


    Your once crisp, pristine white t-shirt has ran its course. Discard it immediately and get yourself a new one, since a classic such as this is essential.

    Your Old, Bulky Sweaters


    No matter how cozy they may be, they still eat up a lot of closet space. Send them over to your favorite charity—people who will most definitely need some warmth this season.

    Trendy Pieces You Thought Were Classics

    graphic tee skirt striped jeans

    May they be graphic tees, circle skirts, or striped skinnies, if it’s something you feel you’d be ashamed to wear again without feeling so outdated, discard it immediately.

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