Travel Gear That’s As Top Tier As You

    A life well-travelled is a life well-lived, therefore it is an absolute crime if one doesn’t do the latter in style. As you venture into unfamiliar territories, it is a must that you partner up with a trolley that can handle the herculean task of keeping your journey as easy, convenient, and as fun as possible whilst properly complementing your fabulous cultured self.

    After all, your heavy-duty partner-in-crime is a direct reflection of your just-as-heavy-duty traveling.

    As you check into your first class abode in the sky and jet-set into the unknown, make sure to have one of these superlatives placed comfortably in the overhead bin, armed and ready for your next battle.

    globe trotter

    GLOBE-TROTTER Centenary 20″ Carry-On Trolley

    This limited edition piece will make you seem like you’re ready to run head-first into Platform 9¾. Made in England, this lightweight trolley from Globe-Trotter’s Safari Collection will give you a unique air of posh and elegance that only true royalty can pull-off.


    RIMOWA Platinum Topas Cabin Multiwheel®

    Nothing will ever beat the class, sophistication, and functionality of an authentic Rimowa. The cult favorite and now holy grail for travel lives up to all the hype. Made from pure aluminium, this classic number has 2 TSA combination locks, a 5 year warranty, a chic design, and a reputation that will skyrocket you into Million Miler status in an instant.


    TUMI Larkin Simone Compact Carry-On

    We have concluded that Tumi will never ever…ever disappoint. This black, lightweight carry-on (that fits all TSA guidelines, by the way) will fit perfectly in the overhead bin whilst giving you that extra hint of pizzaz as you walk to your first-class seat. All eyes will be on you, and rightfully so.


    VICTORINOX Spectra Medium Expandable

    This Reddot Award 2016 winner seems unassuming at first, but don’t be fooled—it is a Victorinox, after all. Conveniently giving you an expandable 4.3” (47% more space!), this sleek and stylish compact carryon will be the perfect addition to your next Instagram travel story.

    Words by Samantha Masigan

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