3 Reasons Why Lady Gaga is the Perfect Fit for Tudor’s Latest #BorntoDare Campaign


    Tudor has just welcomed Grammy-award winning singer Lady Gaga to their array of international endorsers for the latest #BorntoDare campaign. The brand, who has always championed a daring lifestyle on the land, sea, air and ice, has found the 31-year-old to be the ideal spokesperson. The luxury Swiss watch brand has taken notice of entertainer’s brand of theatricality, adventurous fashion choices, daring career and charitable efforts, making her the ideal figure to embody Tudor’s “daring persona”. We list down three reasons why Lady Gaga and Tudor’s latest partnership is a match made in timepiece heaven…

    Lady Gaga fits founder Hans Wilsdorf’s dream for the brand

    Founded in 1926 by Rolex’s Hans Wilsdorf, the Swiss-made brand began manufacturing mechanical watches, mixing both sophisticated style and good quality. The watch line was created for patrons longing for a timepiece with the quality of a Rolex wristwatch, but with a more accessible price point. Over the years, Tudor’s stamina and durability took the public’s eye. Dare devils, adventure seekers and adrenaline addicts found the brand useful, making it their timepiece of choice. Tudor adopted the campaign “Born to Dare” as an ode to their patrons who do extraordinary things. Lady Gaga is the embodiment of this.

    The music icon holds 6 Grammy awards and 1 Golden Globe to her name, garnering a certain level of respect in her industry that many entertainers only wish of having. She is a triple threat performer: being an actor (she won a Golden Globe for her role in American Horror Story: Hotel), singer and dancer who has taken the industry by the storm. Her daring fashion sense has turned heads on the red carpet. Lady Gaga has also made it her life’s work to empowering the youth through her music. Most importantly, she dares to dream bigger than she can imagine.

    They stick to the classics but breaks the status quo as well

    Known worldwide for her inspiring music and her advocacy to empower the youth, Lady Gaga fits Hans Wildorf’s vision of being “innovative and daring.” Beginning her career in her early 20s, Gaga has withstood the test of time, re-inventing her career as the times changed, although never losing the core of her artistry. Like Tudor watches, the company has taken pride in being “devoted to the classic, but rejecting the status quo.” They find inspissation in their rich history, but they never forget to innovate with state-of-the-art technology. Much like Gaga, the brand has said that they are eager to explore new territories but continues to adapt their rich heritage by making new and improved version of their classic pieces.

    Lady Gaga has also evolved in terms of style throughout the years. Beginning her career as a popstar darling (wearing big bows and colorful leotards) with such hits like Poker Face. Her high-fashion and empowered lady boss persona first appeared with the release of her album Bad Romance. Contemporary Gaga has found artistry in more country-like, soulful beats and simpler—though daring—fashion choices. Still, her signature theatricality and rare artistic ability has never changed, only adding to create an improved version of the entertainer.

    The #BorntoDare Campaign is for the fearless, just like Lady Gaga

    Tudor’s Born to Dare Manifesto states that the campaign is “for those who are up to anything. For those who face their fears. For those who reinvent themselves every day. Those who wear Tudor are people with ambition and willing to pursue their passions. They are fearless.”

    While many figures in Hollywood have always found it difficult to vocalize for their causes in fear of making a mess of their careers, Gaga is the exact opposite. The young star has many charitable agendas and is vocal in fighting many causes she believes in. She helped raise funds for both the disasters in Haiti in 2010 and Japan in 2011. Despite being a regular in runway shows and fashion campaigns, Lady Gaga is also a champion against wearing fur. She is an advocate of the LGBT community, even finding herself on an episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, to help and inspire the contestants with her bravery in the harsh entertainment industry. Her most important cause is to empower the youth through her music. Over the years, Gaga has released songs with the sole purpose of inspiring people to be themselves. Her song Born this Way has become an anthem for loving one’s self. A whole episode of Fox’s hit musical television show Glee was dedicated to her, her music, and what she represents.




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