What Makes A Modern Woman?

    For over 180s years, Tiffany & Co., purveyors of creativity, passion, optimism and individuality, has adorned the arms, ears and necks of versatile and stylish women. The brand partners with Lifestyle Asia and asks eight different women the age-old question of what it means to be a modern woman today. 

    Peewee Reyes Isidro

    Peewee Isidro  Reyes
    Editor-in-Chief, Mega Magazine

    “A modern woman for me is something who wants it all, and can be it all. In this time and age, women portray multiple roles and do it effortlessly. You can’t box her, she is multi-faceted and is constantly evolving– she’s open to changes and faces challenges head on. She constantly pushes her limit and dares to dream big. She strives to make every aspect of her life a great one, whether it be family or career.”

    Cat Arambulo Antonio

    Cat Arambulo Antonio
    Lifestyle Blogger at <catarambulo.com/>

    “I am unapologetically myself. I wear so many hats that I sometimes get confused with myself, and at times slip and mess up, and yet I manage to stand up and power through as gracefully as I can. I am a modern woman because every day, I make no excuses and put the effort to become the best version of me.” 

    Sara Black

    Sara Black

    “What’s amazing in this day and age is that women have so many choices– you can choose a profession that you are passionate in, you can choose to stay home to nurture your family, or you can have the best of both, not one way is better than the other. The bottom line is, women are more free to express themselves and then transcend themselves–soaring to new found levels of self-actualization, and consequently joy and peace.”

    Rissa Trillo

    Rissa Mananquil Trillo
    Co-Founder, Happy Skin Cosmetics

    “Today’s woman is global—her style has been influenced by different cultures but is also deep-rooted in being Filipino.”

    Rocio Olbes

    Rocio Olbes Ressano
    Social Initiatives, Bars to Bears

    “What makes a modern woman is being a balanced person. Finding balance can be challenging and it actually requires a great amount of courage. It often means letting go of certain things and truly knowing what makes you the best version of yourself.”

    Stephanie Kienle

    Stephanie Kienle-Gonzales
    COO, Philux Furniture 

    “Being a modern woman is about living the purposeful life she chooses whether or not it means breaking through a glass ceiling.”

    Patty Ang

    Patty Ang
    Fashion Designer 

    “My vision for my clientele is for them to look as comfortable and confident as they can be whenever they wear our pieces. This vision was inspired from my definition for a modern day woman that is confident and proud. Whenever I design clothes, I always keep in mind that the women of today are defined by their attitude and overall image which is why I see to it that our pieces help them project the powerful image that they want. I believe that by doing so, their true strength and beauty will surface.” 

    Aivee Teo

    Dr. Aivee Teo
    President & Medical Director of the Aivee Group of Clinics

    “They say a modern woman is one who can truly have it all–a successful career, a loving marriage, beautiful children, a gorgeous home and a well-traveled suitcase full of experiences from around the world. But I would like to think that a modern woman is one who knows how to be happy and contented. Plus on top of that, knows how to consider others and make them happy. After all, what is the point of “having it all” without happiness and contentment.


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